The free Chinese dictionary.
Delightfully simple - and open-source.

Zydeo at a glance

Sleek and powerful

Does all the right things - and only those. A dictionary that gets out of the way so you can concentrate on the language.

Comes with character recognition

If you don't know how to type a Hanzi, draw it! Pinyin and English search are also there, of course.


Over 100 thousand entries from the community-edited CC-CEDICT dictionary.

Free and open-source

All the content in Zydeo is the work of volunteers. Zydeo is my way of giving back to the community.


Character recognition

No more counting strokes and looking up radicals. Zydeo recognizes the characters that you draw on screen.

Look up Hanzi

Look up Chinese words by drawing, pasting or typing Hanzi in the search box.

Look up English words

Find which headwords list an English word as a translation. The English word is highlighted in each entry.

Look up Pinyin

Type Pinyin into the search box if you know the pronunciation. You are free to specify or omit tone, and you don't need to use spaces.

Copy results

Right-click a result to copy Hanzi, Pinyin or English to the Clipboard.